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The Last Songs of Lucan (Live)

Ryan's short film The Last Songs of Lucan will play at The Cockpit Theatre on Thursday 03 November at 10pm. It will be accompanied by a live percussive score by composer Jamie Misselbrook.

Roaming the streets for ideas and characters, Lucan - the film’s poet-protagonist - imagines a series of surreal theatrical vignettes that set out to expose the absurdities and hidden violence of modern city life. But as his creations filter through his own fractured psyche, he is faced with deeper questions about his own humanity.

The filmmakers, Ryan Kiggell and Olivia Rose, took Charles Baudelaire’s collection of prose poetry, Le Spleen de Paris, as their starting point. After in an depth research period, the film was devised over 10 days in London and Paris, in collaboration with GoodDog theatre co. - a large ensemble of Lecoq trained performers and international theatre makers. Using found spaces and homemade masks, each "film poem" was devised and shot in just a couple of hours.


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